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PEO It’s Time To “Go”: When leaving a PEO

By: Rob Goll zizzl | VP Business Development The top reasons we hear from companies leaving a PEO are cost, culture, health plan and carrier flexibility. Any of these reasons and others have employers leaving PEO’s as their companies grow. It is clearly a commitment...

Successful Onboarding Starts with a Plan

Every company needs to consistently improve their onboarding processes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that three million people have left their jobs voluntarily every month since June 2017. Onboarding can play a role in…

Keep the “Human Touch” in HR with Technology

by Ray Seaver CEO | zizzl HR is the heart beat of the organization. It pumps life into every aspect of the enterprise by recruiting, hiring, onboarding, compensating, coaching, evaluating, and developing its people. And that’s all before lunch! With an overwhelming...

What do Payroll and Benefits have to do with making a great work culture? Let’s talk about it.