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Campfires and Hospitality

zizzl believes in campfire cultures.

Campfires create real conversations. People talk and dream about what matters, sparking new ideas and opportunities. Unfortunately most of us are too busy with the daily grind to join these conversations. zizzl changes that and brings businesses back to the campfire while working hard to keep the same kind of culture alive in our own company.

One of the most crucial aspects of a campfire culture is hospitality. Hospitality is the art of making people feel like you’re on their side, looking out for them no matter what. At zizzl, we hire savvy and friendly people who know how to see the world from the perspective of our customers. Our team is also expected to be dependable with confident optimism for what is possible.

zizzlers must also demonstrate a desire to work in a high performance, open, and collaborative environment with a constant stream of honest communication, productive conflict, change, innovation, and iteration. You’ll be expected to pitch in.

So if you’re able to demonstrate academic, professional and/or other comparable achievements that reflect your ability to get things done with excellence (and you align with what we describe above), please contact us. There’s always room around our campfire.

Send resume to hr@zizzl.com or Click here to view our current opportunities

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