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HR and Payroll Solutions

zizzl combines industry leading workforce management technology from Kronos with responsive and dependable support from a local team of zizzlers assigned specifically to you.

The zizzl HR and Payroll solutions will help you automate administrative processes to more efficiently manage the moments that matter like hiring, onboarding, benefits administration, and performance. Engage with employees, control costs, and reduce compliance risk.

Combining zizzl HR & Payroll Solutions with our Benefits Consulting rewards you with additional savings, value, and one point of accountable service for payroll and benefits.

Human Capital Management

Talent Acquisition

Effectively source, track, and evaluate

With an easy-to-use experience for candidates and hiring managers, our automated solution helps your teams recruit, screen, track, hire, and complete employee verification of best-fit candidates — to build a more engaged and productive workforce.


A consistent and engaging experience

Don’t let confusing, inconsistent processes; stacks of paper forms; and limited resources make your new hire’s first day not the best day. An effective approach to onboarding can lead to better new employee retention, reduced turnover, and faster time to productivity.


Covered from Start to Finish

Administering benefits can be complicated, and costly for employers when not done right. To facilitate benefits education and communication, manage eligibility, automate enrollment, manage carrier billing, and adhere to Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements -organizations need technology.

Time and Labor

Control labor costs

Disparate systems and inefficient time and attendance, and data collection processes, can slow growth and frustrate employees. Integrating these processes can boost employee productivity while providing real-time insight into labor datato help control costs and reduce compliance risk.


The right person at the right time

Automatically generate best-fit schedules based on your organization’s unique requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement.

Payroll Management

Deliver the perfect paycheck every time

Simplify your payroll processes, eliminate errors, and provide a best-in-class employee experience with our automated payroll solutions. Reduce processing time, ensure compliance, and create the perfect paycheck by managing time, tax, and pay in a single, unified solution.

Human Resources

Meet the needs of all worker types

All in a single solution —automate administrative processes to more efficiently manage the moments that matter like hiring, onboarding, benefits administration, and performance. Engage with employees, control costs, and reduce compliance risk.


Align your entire organization for success

Eliminate paper-based forms, gain visibility and streamline the performance managementto ensure timely completion and that the development of all employees –both salaried and hourly –is supported.


Improved Visibility and Governance

Achieve greater insights into every phase of compensation planning. Streamline and simplify the entire compensation management process from defining guidelines and programs, to modeling and budgeting —even routing your proposals for approval.

Reporting and Analytics

Work smarter with greater insights

Your organization relies on workforce reporting to gain insights, manage compliance, and guide strategic decisions. Work smarter with flexible, intuitive reporting tools that make it easier than ever to access, manipulate, visualize, analyze, and share workforce data across the organization. Built-in tools make it easy to modify any of more than 150 standard reports to reflect the specific data you need. Flexible, dynamic data visualization options let you instantly transform tabular report data into pie charts, line charts, bar graphs, and more. Plus, it’s quick and easy to pull multiple visuals into dashboards for actionable insights at a glance.

Marketplace Apps

Workforce Ready Partner

Our Marketplace of apps offers pre-integrated, best-in-class solutions that extend the features and functionality of your human capital management (HCM) solution. Apps cover the broad spectrum of an employment cycle from job board integrations to expense management on through employment exit prediction and analytics.

What do Payroll and Benefits have to do with making a great work culture? Let’s talk about it.