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Good jobs change lives.
We want to change 10,000 lives with good jobs over the next 10 years.

When a business is able to focus on growth and innovation, good jobs are created and our communities become stronger. Our dream is to make that happen together. It starts with us making your Payroll and Benefits simple.


zizzl believes in campfire cultures.

One of the most crucial aspects of a campfire culture is hospitality. Hospitality is the art of making people feel like you’re on their side, looking out for them no matter what. That’s why at zizzl, we hire savvy and friendly people who know how to see the world from the perspective of our customers.

So if you’re able to demonstrate academic, professional and/or other comparable achievements that reflect your ability to get things done with excellence, check out our careers page.


We’ve built and run companies that handle many of the most challenging aspects of Payroll and Benefits. It is our extensive experience and shared sense of purpose that enables us to uniquely help businesses like yours grow and create those jobs.

Ray Seaver

Founder & CEO
People and Culture

25+ years leading employee benefit services and software companies

Delivering a service experience that clients rave about energizes me. After 27 years of building service intensive employee benefits related businesses, it still does. The most exciting aspect of zizzl for me is the opportunity to deliver the kind of service experience that sparks innovation and growth in our clients. When the tedious work of payroll and benefits disappears, time and energy reappear for their people. It’s hard to imagine anything more rewarding than seeing that result in a client growing and creating good paying, family friendly, life enriching jobs.

Bruce Stahl

Principal & Vice President
Benefits Consulting

25+ years helping employers provide quality benefits at competitive rates

After 30 years as an employee benefits broker and consultant I realized that my profession was heading in a direction I didn’t want to go. It was complicating employee benefits in order to justify its existence and commissions. Benefits should be simple. They shouldn’t consume the time and energy of any business. I joined zizzl because we’re all about making benefits and payroll simple, helping our clients re-capture the time and energy they need to grow. The satisfaction of watching them succeed and create good jobs in the process is what it’s all about for me.

Rob Goll

Vice President of Business Development

30+ years of customer service and marketing experience

With 30 plus years of customer service and marketing experience it is an overwhelming blessing to work with a company built on the foundation of integrity. Personally having the confidence that zizzl will exceed the expectations of all customers and their employees as a partner in payroll and benefit management is incredibly rewarding. We know we will help the business leaders focus on other critical issues and growth.

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