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Budget-friendly, hassle-free health insurance

Ever wished you could just give your employees “pre-tax” money to buy their own individual health insurance plan?

A recent federal ruling created a new type of HRA that allows you to do just that.

And zizzl makes the process easy for you AND for your employees.

It’s the budget friendly, hassle free way to provide health insurance benefits to your employees.

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Enter your information below to see rates for comparable plans in zizzl Health.

Rates for plans in zizzl Health can vary by county. You can get a Quick Look at rates in any Wisconsin county of interest to you. Most people will choose the county in which the highest number of their employees live.

Select the single deductible closest to the most popular plan you currently offer or one you desire to offer.


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Your comprehensive analysis will include:

  • A total monthly premium cost estimate based on your organization’s population and demographics.
  • A side-by-side cost comparison showing your current plan costs against those in zizzl Health.
  • Breakdown of your employees’ costs and options when switching to zizzl Health.
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